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Since my childhood, I have been passionate about interiors and surrounded by different styles and forms of beauty as an architect’s grandchild, and a stylish mom’s daughter.


My mom was a classicist, yet my grandma was a modernist. I remember excitedly waiting for a Limoges vase to arrive at our home, or visiting the biggest carpet store in Istanbul to select the right handmade carpet for our newly decorated living room with a green velvet sofa and armchairs with fringes. Although my mom was very strict about our home, she let me play with the décor of my room starting from very early ages, and pretended to not realize my steals from other rooms in the house.


Vacations were fun as well, because that was when we spent a lot of time at our grandma’s home, where we brainstormed for the color of the wall neighboring the wall covered with latest fashionable wallpaper, or took everything out in the massive library to find the best place for a catch we had found in a flea market and to redecorate it.


Years passed, and I spent most of my adult life abroad. Although I chose to join the corporate world, I never lost my ties with my interiors passion. Corporate life introduced me many diverse cultures and different lifestyles. My trips to more than 50 countries thought me the endless world of taste and style which I documented joyfully. In the meantime, I completed my courses in interior design and earned my diploma.


Today, as an interior designer, I collaborate with skillful professionals, and source from manufacturers both from Switzerland and from around the globe for my clients.


I visualize homes where children run barefoot in and out during the day, and parents host parties at night. When I team up with my clients, my primary purpose is to design a sophisticated space which reflects their unique personality and where they feel truly comfortable. Modern combinations infused with warmth, layers of textures, abstract art, juxtaposed elements, organic touches and, correct lighting are my must-haves to achieve distinctive and welcoming interiors.


Please feel free to get in touch to have a chat about my services, and to discuss how we can create rooms stylishly resonate with you.

Kindest regards,

Sedef Duru

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